Rosicki Shows Local Support for Chaminade Development Fund

The team at Rosicki, Rosicki & Associates has strived to help its community by continually supporting institutions and organizations that make a difference. Recently, Rosicki helped the Chaminade Development Fund, Inc., the charitable arm of Chaminade High School.

Founded in 1930, Chaminade High School serves as the premier Catholic high school for the residents of Mineola, New York, and the greater Long Island area. The all-male school has garnered a reputation for outstanding academics, with nearly 100 percent of its graduates going on to matriculate at a university or college. Its liberal arts curriculum has been specifically designed to offer its students a well-rounded education, while both religious and secular extracurricular activities serve to broaden students’ horizons.

Through the Chaminade Development Fund, the high school has established the Torch Fund, which utilizes gifts to the Development Fund in order to lower tuition costs for all students at the school. The Fund has also been used for school renovations, student financial aid, and the school’s Tuition Insurance Guarantee Program.


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