Empowering Worthy Causes: Rosicki and Moxxie Network

Serving as a leading mortgage banking law firm, Rosicki, Rosicki & Associates, P.C., has also been an integral part of its community. The firm provides support to worthy organizations in its home state of New York and throughout the country. The firm has supported numerous charities and foundations, including Moxxie Network, LLC.

Moxxie Network serves to empower women in the professional world through innovative programs, community-building initiatives, and mentorship services. Founded by Beth Meixner, the “Moxxie” appellation, with its distinctive double “x” spelling, comes from the X chromosome in women, the genetic factor that distinguishes women from men. This difference is celebrated through Moxxie’s various programs.

Members of the Moxxie Network receive various benefits through their association with the organization, including workshops, brainstorming sessions, discounts from partnering organizations, and a number of other events designed to foster opportunities for women in the workplace. Moxxie Network also operates several programs for young women, including Jr Moxxie, Ms Moxxie, and Moxxie Girl.


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