Rosicki Profiles: Mark Vaccaro

Mark Vaccaro first learned about the firm of Rosicki, Rosicki & Associates through an organization that specializes in helping people with disabilities return to the workforce. Living with hearing difficulties, Mark Vaccaro initially worked as a draftsman, but later decided to change careers, and found the Rosicki team eager to help him in his career transition. He initially started with the firm as a clerical worker, but after three months of training, became a paralegal.

The staff at Rosicki has long been dedicated to helping disabled individuals find work. The first person with disabilities who was hired at the firm, a woman with spina bifida, led to continued hiring efforts. Presently, almost 20 percent of the team at Rosicki has some form of disability. While this has necessitated some changes at the firm, including additional hand rails and allowances made for service animals, the firm’s principles, Tom and Cynthia Rosicki, have made this mission a priority. In Tom Rosicki’s view, those living with disabilities make the firm “a better place to work.”

About Rosicki, Rosicki & Associates:
With offices in Plainview, Fishkill, and Batavia, New York, Rosicki, Rosicki & Associates serves as a leader in mortgage banking law. The firm’s partners, attorneys, and staff take community leadership seriously, and regularly support charitable efforts in New York and throughout the country.


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