USFN Member Rosicki Rosicki & Associates Upholds High Professional Standards

Rosicki Rosicki & Associates, P.C., a New York law firm dedicated to assisting clients with a variety of personal financial legal matters, maintains membership in USFN and other professional organizations. In operation for a quarter of a century, USFN (formerly the U.S. Foreclosure Network) serves as a resource for information, education, news, and training for legal personnel in real estate law and related fields.

In addition, USFN promulgates standards for ethical conduct and professional competence within its industry. It serves as an advocate for its members as they work with real estate financing corporations and supports ongoing productive dialogue between members of the legal and real estate professions. USFN offers insights on current legislation and regulatory measures that affect the real estate finance industry and strives to broaden its members’ opportunities for business success.

Beyond its advocacy, the organization publishes numerous training guides and professional resources, including state-by-state manuals on foreclosure, bankruptcy, and eviction matters; eviction and foreclosure timeline matrices for each state; and a video series detailing best practices in interacting with clients facing bankruptcy or foreclosure. The USFN also provides a comprehensive National Mortgage Servicer’s Reference Directory to its members.


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