A Short History of the New York Law School Presented by Rosicki Rosicki & Associates, P.C.

Established more than 120 years ago, the New York Law School was founded by a group of students, professors, and alumni from the Columbia College School of Law. Thanks to the reputations of its illustrious founders, New York Law School quickly grew in popularity and within 13 years became the nation’s largest law school. One of the first institutions to implement an “evening division,” the school’s night classes allowed professionals to further their educations while maintaining full-time jobs. Over the next several decades, New York Law School graduated dozens of lawyers who went on to establish some of the country’s top firms.

Although it closed for a year during World War I and for the entirety of World War II, the school rebuilt and expanded throughout the latter half of the 20th century. Today, New York Law School operates nine academic centers dedicated to research, education, and activism. These centers, along with the school’s innovative curriculum, are designed to challenge the next generation of legal professionals and leaders.

One of the founders of Rosicki Rosicki & Associates, Cynthia Rosicki, graduated from New York Law School in 1986. The school plans to honor her at its 2012 Gala by presenting her with one of its Groundbreaker Awards. For more information about Rosicki Rosicki & Associates, please visit Rosicki.com.


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