Hunter’s Hope Gala Attendees Show Their Support for Jim Kelly

Hunters HopeThe 2014 gala benefit for the Hunter’s Hope Foundation was bittersweet, as attendees extended their thoughts and prayers to founder and Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly, who is battling cancer. During the March 28 celebration, Kelly was at a hospital in New York City, where he was being treated for cancer of the head and neck. The law firm Rosicki, Rosicki & Associates, P.C., hosted the event, which was held in New York. Rosicki Hunters HopePrior to the evening gala, Tom and Cynthia Rosicki, who oversee the law firm, read a poem to Jim Kelly and his wife, Jill, at the hospital. At the beginning of the event, Tom Rosicki shared the poem, which recognized the Kellys’ longtime commitment to the Hunter’s Hope Foundation. The organization supports research to find treatment and a cure for Krabbe disease and other leukodystrohpies. One of the passages reads, “This poem is about two who have been blessed, not by taking, but by giving, and through their faith give life to the living. Because of their strength, we’re here to help fulfill the Hunter’s Hope mission chartered by Jim and Jill.” Tom Rosicki told the attendees that the Kellys expressed their appreciation for the poem and the outpouring of support. He said, “There’s a reason why it’s called Hunter’s Hope…it’s hope.” Hunters Hope Rosicki RosickiRosicki, Rosicki & Associates’ annual gala aims to raise funds to support the Hunter’s Hope Foundation, a nonprofit organization that encourages early screening for newborns in order to detect fatal diseases that affect the nervous system. In 1997, Jim and Jill Kelly began the Hunter’s Hope Foundation following the death of their son, Hunter, who was diagnosed with Krabbe disease shortly after he was born. The boy died of the disease at the age of 8. Since the Hunter’s Hope Foundation began, it has raised $14 million to fund medical research. For more information, please visit


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