The Benefits of Hiring People With Disabilities

Rosicki Rosicki & Associates logo pic Hiring people with disabilities benefits companies in a number of ways, according to a report conducted by Cornell University’s IRL School in partnership with The Conference Board. Managers who have supervised workers with disabilities have reported being more likely to continue hiring other such employees. The report showed that when a company hires employees with disabilities, it will see improvements in workplace safety, productivity, and overall morale.

Even so, only about one-third of working-age American adults with disabilities has a job, a sharp contrast with the more than 75 percent of people without disabilities who are employed. According to the report, about one out of every 10 people in the United States lives with some form of a disability. The cost to business owners to accommodate these employees is relatively small and can be offset by federal funds designed to cover the cost of appropriate on-the-job accommodations. Individuals with disabilities bring home more than $260 billion in family income, making them a strong presence in the mainstream of the country’s economic and social life.


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