Sid Jacobson JCC Offers Comprehensive Health Programs

Sid Jacobson Jewish Community CenterSid Jacobson Jewish Community Center in East Hills is the only full-service JCC on Long Island’s North Shore. The center’s comprehensive program is built on a solid foundation of Jewish traditions and values. Sid Jacobson JCC provides services for individuals of all ages, ranging from infants to senior citizens, including after-school programs, teen activities, and Jewish education. Its focus on physical health is anchored by its 36,000-square-foot fitness center, where members have access to state-of-the-art equipment and classes. The aquatics center offers year-round swim classes in a pool staffed by professional lifeguards.

For members interested in enriching their understanding of the Jewish experience, Sid Jacobson JCC regularly offers classes and programs and serves as a place to celebrate Jewish holidays. Throughout the year, Sid Jacobson JCC hosts films, art shows, and community theater, often with a Jewish angle. Emphasizing the belief that all people should live with dignity, Sid Jacobson JCC provides programs for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and individuals with special needs.

Sid Jacobson JCC is overseen by a large board of directors. Craig Wolfson, an associate partner with Rosicki, Rosicki & Associates, P.C., serves on its Business Advisory Council.


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