Baldwin School Expands Computer Programming Options to Middle School

The Baldwin School has expanded its innovative DREAM Lab to its middle school, giving more girls the opportunity to learn computer programming. The all-girls school is dedicated to preparing more young women for traditionally male-dominated careers in science, technology, and engineering, and building its DREAM Lab is a natural extension of those objectives. “The DREAM Lab is the logical next step in furthering our students’ interests and opportunities in these areas,” said Brie Daley, director of the DREAM Lab.

Opening the lab to middle-schoolers will allow them to develop the skills they learned in elementary school and to work on bigger and more complicated projects. Middle school students will cut with lasers, develop renewable energy systems, and build 3D printers using skills they have learned in math, design, arts, and robotics. Ryan Barnes, who will oversee the DREAM lab’s work with middle school students, said he’d never seen an environment where young girls had such a strong foundation in working with technology. He expects the creativity and technical expertise that students hone in the lab to be relevant in any career field that the students choose.

Craig Wolfson, an associate partner with Rosicki, Rosicki & Associates, has been a member of the Baldwin School-to-Career advisory committee since 2008.


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