ALFN Professional Development Opportunities

Encompassing professionals in the fields of law and residential mortgage banking, the American Legal & Financial Network (ALFN) strives to educate and advocate for its national membership base. ALFN’s TE@CH training program facilitates on-site professional education for its member organizations, offering instruction at each firm’s corporate headquarters. TE@CH aims primarily to refresh employees’ knowledge, reinforcing such vital skills as decision-making and strategic thinking. Led by industry experts, TE@CH offers the opportunity for companies to collaborate on best practices and improve the management of both internal and external processes. Furthermore, TE@CH programs may be customized based on each firm’s individual needs.

In addition to assisting organizations, ALFN offers a number of professional development opportunities to its extensive network of members. Its committees and groups allow members to focus on specific practice areas, industry issues, and ALFN goals. Comprising leading attorneys such as Rosicki, Rosicki & Associates director Hallie Greene and senior associate Lisa Singer, the Junior Professionals & Executives Group (JPEG) facilitates career development and networking, including professional mentorship opportunities.


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