The United Foreclosure Network’s Mortgage Banking Publications

The United States Foreclosure Network (USFN) offers a number of resources to support its members across the mortgage banking industry and works to promote ethical practices and overall competency within the field. Among these resources are several publications, each serving as a valuable tool for training, reference, or industry news.

In addition to keeping members abreast of industry and organizational developments with the quarterly USFN Report and monthly e-Update, USFN publishes the National Mortgage Servicer’s Reference Directory to provide a comprehensive source of foreclosure requirements specific to each state. USFN’s desk guides address frequently asked questions in areas such as bankruptcy, loss mitigation, and REO/eviction on a state-by-state basis, while its timeline matrices outline each state’s eviction and foreclosure processes. USFN also offers comprehensive instruction for both new and current mortgage bankers with its video training program, which covers multiple fundamental mortgage law topics. Additionally, the network promotes continuous quality assurance at its member firms with its unprecedented industry guide, “Writing and Implementing a Living Quality Plan for Mortgage Servicers and Law Firms.”

Craig Wolfson, an associate partner at the New York law firm of Rosicki, Rosicki & Associates, previously led the USFN publications committee as both vice chair and chair. At present, Rosicki, Rosicki & Associates director Hallie Greene is a member of USFN’s marketing committee. Her colleague, Janet Ward, senior associate and managing attorney of the closing department, is a member of USFN’s REO and eviction committee. In addition, Andrew Morganstern, senior litigation counsel at Rosicki, Rosicki & Associates, serve as a member of the USFN legal issues committee. Moreover, partner Kelly Ann Poole is a USFN board member.


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