Rosicki Honored for 10-Year Partnership with ACE Genesee County

Rosicki, Rosicki & Associates, P.C., was recently presented with a Certificate of Appreciation from Genesee ACE Employment Services in recognition of its decade-long partnership with the organization. Genesee ACE placed its first customer with Rosicki, Rosicki & Associates in October 2004, and the two groups have continued working together ever since.

ACE Genesee County is one of several initiatives operated by Restoration Society, Inc., an agency that offers person-centered, recovery-based rehabilitation for people with psychiatric conditions in New York’s Genesee and Erie Counties. As a contractor, it forms an integral part of Genesee County Mental Health Services’ web of offerings, helping mental health consumers get ready for employment by assessing skills, creating individualized plans, performing skill building, and more.

The program put in place by ACE Genesee County uses peer specialists to help people with mental illness learn skills for building peer and support networks and conducting self-advocacy. The approach allows the organization to provide role models who can show program participants how to perform day-to-day activities individually or in groups.


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