Kosciuszko Foundation Recognizes Polish Scientists Working in the U.S.

In order to bring greater recognition to the work of Polish scientists, the Kosciuszko Foundation has created the Collegium of Eminent Scientists. According to the foundation, hundreds of scientists with Polish connections live and work in the United States, but many receive little recognition outside of their discipline. The Collegium of Eminent Scientists has three primary goals that include raising awareness of the achievements of scientists of Polish origin or ancestry in America. The initiative also provides news and updates to the media about the current work of these scientists and is creating a catalog of Polish scientists working in the United States.

Scientists elected to the Collegium are referred to as Distinguished Fellows of the Collegium. A number of factors determine which scientists are chosen, including professorships and tenure, as well as the number of scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals. Inductees include Barbara Ardelt, a retired associate professor at New York Medical College, and Ronald Hoffmann, a professor emeritus of humane letters at Cornell University and the winner of the 1981 Nobel Prize in chemistry.

Cynthia Rosicki, a founding partner at Rosicki, Rosicki & Associates, P.C., serves as vice chairwoman and a member of the Board of Trustees of the Kosciuszko Foundation.


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