AHRC Nassau Boosts Recreation Programs with Grant Funds

AHRC Nassau will use $10,000 in grant funds from NYSARC Trust Services to pay for equipment and recreation programs for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. More than $5,000 of the grant went to the Weekend Walking Program, which includes weekly walks for club members and destination walks in the summer. The club has 186 members, and up to 25 attend each walk. The grant money will help the club to provide more healthy and social opportunities for members and more volunteer support.

About $3,000 of the grant money will be spent on equipment and uniforms for sports and recreation programs for people with disabilities. AHRC will buy bats, balls, essential oils for yoga classes, and music systems for dances and other organized activities. The money also will be used to buy uniforms for the new Special Olympics ski team. The remaining funding will go toward scholarships for people in the community who need help paying for recreational respite programs at Camp Loyaltown.

Bob Molloy, Rosicki, Rosicki & Associates’ chief financial officer, is a member of the Nassau County AHRC Foundation’s board of directors.


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