Steven Kroll Takes Over NYSARC after Longtime Director Retires

Steven Kroll has been named the new executive director of NYSARC, Inc., replacing Marc Brandt, who retired December 31 after serving in the position for 32 years. Brandt announced his retirement in early 2014, with plans to allow time for NYSARC to develop new leadership to continue carrying out its mission of serving and advocating for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. Brandt was involved in the selection of his successor and the transition to new leadership.

Kroll previously spent 19 years as vice president of governmental affairs and external relations at the Healthcare Association of New York State. Brandt, who met with Kroll over the course of several months, noted that Kroll is an exceptional leader and has a strong sense of compassion and sensitivity for the people the organization serves and for NYSARC’s local chapters.

“I look forward to bringing my skills, experiences, and passion to NYSARC and to being a leader of this dynamic and wonderful organization,” Kroll said in a press statement.

Hallie Greene, a director at Rosicki, Rosicki & Associates, P.C., has served on the NYSARC Board of Governors since 2013.


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