MCBA to Add Focus on Lawyers’ Mental Health Issues

Steven V. Modica, president of the Monroe County Bar Association, shared recent developments in the MCBA with the New York Daily Record. This spring, members will receive the most current information about issues in the Seventh Judicial District courts at a speakers forum. Chief Administrative Judge Craig Doran will lead the discussion, which will also include several other supervising judges from the district.

Modica also noted ways that national organizations are working to improve the health of lawyers, who suffer from high rates of depression, addiction, and suicide. The American Bar Association is collaborating on a study of the current rates of anxiety, depression, and substance abuse among legal professionals, and seven states have made mental health issues part of their required continuing legal education programs. In December, the MCBA Board of Trustees approved Modica’s request to start a Health and Well-Being Task Force, which will make recommendations about how the association can support its members struggling with mental health issues.

In addition, the MCBA’s Education Task Force is researching how the association provides continuing legal education and is looking into alternative educational opportunities for MCBA members.

Rosicki, Rosicki & Associates, P.C., legal professionals are members of the Monroe County Bar Association.


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