Dutchess ARC Supports Legal Guardianship for Clients in Need

Dutchess ARCDutchess ARC, which offers services for people with developmental and other disabilities and their families, offers a guardianship program for clients who do not have families or who need support and advocacy. A foundational value of Dutchess ARC is treating people with lifelong dignity and respect, and the guardianship program makes sure that all clients who do not have an adequate support system receive security and welfare. NYSARC, Inc., becomes the legal corporate guardian of clients who qualify, and Dutchess ARC provides guardianship support for clients who live in Dutchess County.

Dutchess ARC helps families apply for the program, which is overseen by a standing committee that includes professionals and parents, and then works with clients to help them create a meaningful life through enriching experiences and grow intellectually, socially, and vocationally. In 2014, NYSARC administered more than $1.6 in support to its chapters’ guardianship programs across the state.

Jana Fezza, manager of Rosicki, Rosicki & Associates, P.C.’s Fishkill office, is a Dutchess ARC committee member.


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