Baruch CCVIP Conference to Feature IBM Accessibility Director

This spring, Baruch College’s Computer Center for Visually Impaired People will host its eighth annual conference featuring My Luu, IBM accessibility program director of global innovation, solutions, and policy, as the keynote speaker. Morning and afternoon workshops will be available after her talk.

Workshops will cover a wide range of topics of interest to people with visual impairment. For example, “Accessible Labeling for Prescription Drugs” will discuss how companies are complying with legislation regarding labeling drugs for people with vision loss. Audience members in this workshop will learn about the laws that affect their ability to take the correct medications. In addition, Craig Wolfson of Rosicki, Rosicki & Associates will lead a workshop aimed at job seekers and employers about the business advantages of recruiting and hiring people who have vision impairment. The workshop also will provide an employer’s perspective on how businesses can integrate people with disabilities into their workplace.

The conference will feature a vendors’ area with demonstrations of assistive technology products and a workshop for placement counselors who help people with disabilities find job training and employment.


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